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tending birth canal of earth soul

global council of oracle women

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Dec 21st, 2020


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a ceremony of oracle women who embody ancient feminine wisdom streams, as midwives and guardians of earth mother. supported by a circle of men holding masculine presence and container.

people of all genders are welcome to Purchase a recording of the ceremony!

Women oracles gather in council connecting to knowing this ancient feminine wisdom of the unknowing


We are being in the depths together, opening up a transmission to tend what is true during these times

Our sexual essence is in devotion to birthing the feminine through our bodies


Our hearts love has the capacity to embrace every aspect of humanity


The truth of existence speaks through our womanly bodies and voices


We are rested in our seats


In deep receptivity and surrender to the mystery of life, dedicated to truth, knowing why we are here


We are in devotion to embodying our divinity, each holding a unique key 


As we tend the birth canal of the earth soul

With the Divine Masculine in Devotion to Her

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Tending Birth Canal of Earth Soul ~ Equinox Ceremony
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During these times of chaos and disillusionment in our world


We are dedicated to being humbly present with all that arises in our embodiment


The pain, the despair, the grief, the discomfort in the dying


The beauty and the joy in the deep unknown of new life birthing

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on this day 21 December 2020 we sit in council opening to this transmission


We listen, we receive, we are with the emerging


We are gathered rested around the earth, our legs are deep roots


Our hearts open in divine love


Our wombs expanded into the vast womb of the earth pulsating sweet dark fertile nectar of creation


The birth canal of the earth soul opening wider through our receptivity and surrender to Her


We are the midwives, the guardians tending Her birth in devotion


Our throats are trunks of a tree, the gateway to divine and earth


Our bodies fluidly dancing, birthing divinity into form

Through our throats and crowns opens a Flower Chalice


Around the Flower Chalice is the gathering of all those ancient ones that came before us and those to be born


Gathered now to support this tending the birth canal of earth soul through our womanly bodies


The Flower Chalice, descends down through our wombs and we rest within the fertile blackness of Earth Mother’s holy birth canal



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Council of Oracle Women Sharing Live Voice Transmission during the Ceremony