tending birth canal of earth soul 

global council of oracle women

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Equinox Global Online Ceremony
Wednesday, September 22, 2021
9:30am-11:30am PST
4:30PM-6:30PM UTC

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a council of women who embody ancient feminine wisdom streams, as midwives of great mother. supported by a circle of men as guardians holding presence in devotion. 

for the September equinox 2021 Ceremony we shall gather online in devotion to tending her birth canal, and open as vessels of ancient wisdom streams in humble devotion to her birthing.

We shall Impregnate Divine Seeds of Consciousness within Great Mother's vast womb of creation.

people of all genders are welcome to attend the gathering!

Women oracles gather in council connecting to knowing this ancient feminine wisdom of the unknowing


We are being in the depths together, opening up a transmission to tend what is true during these times

Our essence is in devotion to birthing the depths of the feminine through our bodies


Our hearts love has the capacity to embrace every aspect of humanity


The truth of existence speaks through our womanly bodies and voices


We are rested in our seats


In deep receptivity and surrender to the mystery of life, dedicated to truth, knowing why we are here


We are in devotion to embodying our divinity, each holding a unique key


As we tend the Birth Canal of the Earth Soul

With the Divine Masculine in Devotion to Her birthing in the World

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September Equinox 2021
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During these times of chaos and disillusionment in our world


We are dedicated to being humbly present with all that arises in our embodiment


The pain, the despair, the grief, the discomfort in the dying


The beauty and the joy in the deep unknown of new life birthing

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on the solstice's and equinox's to honour her turning we sit in council humbled heart and womb to the ground in devotion to great mother


We listen, we receive, we are with the emerging


We are gathered rested around the earth, our legs are deep roots


Our hearts open in divine love


Our wombs expanded into the vast womb of Great Mother pulsating sweet dark fertile nectar of creation


Her birth canal opening wider through our receptivity and surrender to Her


We are the Midwives, the Guardians tending Her birth in devotion


Our throats are trunks of a tree, the gateway to divine and earth


Our bodies fluidly dancing, birthing divinity into form

The Council of Women opening as a Crystalline Flower Chalice of harmonic resonance and beauty


Around the Flower Chalice is the gathering of all those ancient ones that came before us and those to be born


Gathered now to tend the birthing of the feminine through Great Mother's womb and our womanly bodies


We deeply rest within the fertile ground of being within her holy birth canal


Birthing soul into the world



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These are the Women who were present at the Council Birthing Ceremony December Solstice, 2020.

The Constellation of the Oracle Council shall be unique for each Ceremony that unfolds over the years to come, as we are in Her Birthing Canal... 

Juliet Haines

America / Africa

I could feel the divine love of the Feminine when I was a young girl communing with nature and longing to feel this connection with others around me. This union with the Divine and Holy longing has guided me through my life. 


My returning home to the Feminine in my living life awakened in nature with women on the tip of Africa. I embodied an awakening of primordial Mother through my body. I felt my body as Her body, as the pure innocence, beauty, wonder and wildness of Life. I have devoted hours daily immersed in nature opening to the feminine awakening and healing me layer by layer. An inward journey into my heart as love and my body as the flame of life. A continued dedication to being in the fire of truth and birthing of my soul. I've journeyed into the underworld unwinding my personal past, lineage and ancient conditioning. Welcoming humbly the tenderness and deep feelings of my humanity.


I've received Great Mother's love transmission, depth of wisdom and nourishment through the being of the earth, and an awakening of Divine Feminine as flow of grace and beauty. My feminine sexual essence returning home within, in devotion to birthing the feminine into the world. I received a clear message that I am here to guide women into the feminine, as midwife and guardian, supporting women to embody their divinity and to remember who they truly are. I'm humbly honored to guide women from around the world on their path, each woman touching me deeply. I have devoted my life as a vessel of Her, living this devotion breath by breath. The Feminine continues to awaken more deeply through my being. On my journey I'm embodying Divine Masculine. He is in devotion and in union with the feminine, making love to her and birthing the eternal She. Within the divine union I rest within the depths of my being, my true essence, as embodied Woman in union with the Earth. 


During these times She called me to immerse in the mountains in New Mexico and guided me to weave a Council of Earth Oracle Women from around the world to tend as Midwives and Guardians the Birth Canal of the Earth Soul. 

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Around the Council of Oracle Women is a circle of Grandmothers holding rested grounded space and elder wisdom. 


Oceanna Vissions


Three decades ago, I was initiated through a Women’s Sweat Lodge Ceremony. During the lodge Mother Wolf came from the center stones and spoke to me. With Her large face coming nose to nose with mine - She said “Be Not Afraid. Be fully WOMAN”. And so the journey was sparked in me to “arrive” out of a life of male authority based living, and a rhythm that was so foreign to my own unique pulse. Diving deeply into Women’s, Teachings and Women's circles, finding the Feminine voice, and recognizing the Mother Goddess as She walks here on the Earth. I felt honest and freed up. My delight is in witnessing this contagious awakening as each one of us ignites our hearts in the Feminine Flame of Truth.

I have been blessed to meet teachers of the Women's Moon Mysteries. Teachings of the Maya and dreams of Lemuria brought me to Hawaii, as teachings of Huna brought me to the sacred touch of Lomilomi Bodywork Medicine, as sounding, singing to the bones, igniting the Heart Flame all came alive. I'm a Midwife to women supporting Gateway opening for a "Coming Home to Self'. I use the ancient power of chant and sound to access inner portals that became real and effective.

So now we gather Dear Sisters our attention is merging and peaking for the Listening of Gaia's Songs. For the gleaning of her Wisdom gifts - May we receive and grow in strength and deepen our compassion - May we sit and gestate, first LISTENING and may we act when it is time to act, as we speak the Truth of Her voice.

We are All Birthing through Great Mothers Womb!

Around the Circle of Grandmothers are Women around the world who are devoted to the Feminine.

haruko sasaki


Ha-Ru-Ko BlueStarChild

I am a Galactic Artist, Sound Healer, and Flute Player.  Born in Tokyo, Japan, I grew up in a strong patriarchal culture and was blessed to have my Grandmother as a powerful Divine Feminine role model.  Although she was a powerhouse in our family, the responsibilities of raising her children and taking care of her husband were her first priorities.  Thus, she could not fulfill her vision of complete spiritual freedom in her lifetime, so she entrusted her dream to me.

I came to America when I was 18, as I felt a strong calling by the energy of Native America, and my Grandmother was the only one to fully support my heart's desire. Merging with Native American energy in this land was very important for me to bring an understanding of who I am, and grounding my life purpose on the Earth.  Mother Nature has been my prime teacher, and my artwork became my spiritual textbook.  I first began to channel different dimensional worlds and beings beginning in 1999. Among the many sacred light codes I have channeled, the codes and designs of the Divine Feminine hold a special place in my heart. As I enter into middle age and beyond, I am still learning, and will continue to seek the truth and magic of my female embodiment during my journey.    

My focus has been to nurture the divine innocent child essence, and co-create joyful and peaceful visions in combination with our Mother Earth and the Light Team through my creative gift. 

I strive to bridge the East and West, as well as Lemurian and Atlantian energies as an artist.  And as a spiritual cheerleader for many Japanese women in the past, I am now focusing on sharing my energy with the entire Western Culture.

I currently reside in Mt. Shasta, California, and hold a Cosmic Portal in my Blue Star Child Gallery. I also offer a galactic activation space and sound transmission time to visitors.



Around the Women's Council is a Circle of Men holding Presence and Containment, radiating their love into Mother Earth in Devotion to the Feminine and this transmission of Tending Birth Canal of Earth Soul.

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this communing of earth oracle women, as midwives with men as guardians, gathering in devotion to tending her birth canal opens the feminine soul more deeply. 

An invitation to rest within the warm blackness of her womb of creation. 


And to receive depth of nourishment, holding, beauty and wisdom of Her during these times. 


Returning home to the truth of Her, the pulse of pure Life.

Honouring her expansion, contractions, pauses, resting in the silence, her emptying out and her filling up.


Breath by breath... moment by moment...


An invitation to more deeply embodying our souls.

Welcoming all of the tenderness of our humanity. 


The Birth Canal of Great Mother is the birthing place for the Embodiment of Soul.

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we appreciate your contributions to support this gathering! 

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Thanks for being in touch!

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