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Communication Materials

to support sharing the invitation for the solstice

June Solstice 2024 Materials

On this page you shall find communication materials to download for the use of sharing the invitation of the "Ceremony & Nature Ritual Activation" . The communication materials include banners, a 3 minute video and suggested text for your social media posts and email to your database. 

image banners

Image banners include one banner for your Facebook profile and one banner for IG and FB posts as seen below.

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Facebook Profile Cover

This banner can be used as your Facebook Cover photo to support raising awareness about the Solstice. Download the banner and upload it to your Facebook cover photo. You can also use this banner for your social media posts on Facebook. 

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Instagram & Facebook Posts

This banner can be used for Instagram posts to support raising awareness about the Solstice. Download the banner to use it on Instagram.


This video can be downloaded or simply shared via the Vimeo link. Please include the video when you share the invitation for the "Ceremony & Nature Ritual Activation" through your email database and social media posts. 


This is a 3 min video sharing the invitation of the ceremony. It includes the transmission and shows the faces of the oracle council. 


Copy the link below to share the video:


This text is a written description of the "Ceremony & Nature Ritual Activation" invitation. You are welcome to paste this text with the video and banner image when sharing the invitation with your communities via email and social media. You are welcome to use all of the text or parts of the text for different posts. Feel free to write in your own style. 

Copy and paste the text below:

We shall gather in council as Midwives and Guardians of the Earth Soul for the June Solstice, honoring this pivotal turning point of the Earth.

This is an invitation for you to receive the gifts of the "Online Ceremony" on June 20th and/or participate in the "Nature Ritual Activation" during these days prior to the Solstice to anchor the Divine Feminine into the crystalline structure of our beloved Earth. 

The intention and devotion for our Solstice Ceremony & Nature Ritual Activation is "Birthing Golden Love" into our world.


Our Wisdom Streams and Prayers of Love shall ripple out into the collective and be a blessing to all beings during these times.  

A wise and devoted council of Oracles are weaving together representing 15 Sacred Lands around our beloved Earth.


The Council formation is in the formation of a Golden Rose Chalice representing maiden, mother and crone, which blooms a fragrance of ancient future wisdom and golden love into our world. The Oracles share voice transmission during the ceremony.The council is supported by a circle of Guardians holding presence and containment in devotional love and honor for the Feminine and the Earth. Having the Guardians with us births harmony between the masculine and feminine essences within us, between us and in our world.


Welcoming people of all genders to receive the gifts of the Ceremony and to participate in the Nature Ritual Activation.

You will receive Refuge, Nourishment, Healing, Grace, Wisdom and Love from the Oracle Council transmissions in communion with Great Mother.  ​

An invitation to rest within the warmth of her womb of creation and her heart of love. 

And to receive the depth of nourishment, holding and wisdom these times. 

Welcoming us to come home to the pulse and sweet nectar of pure life and be filled with golden love.​

Honouring Life's expansions, contractions, pauses, resting in the silence, emptying out and filling up.

Breath by breath... moment by moment...

An opening to more deeply receive love and to embody our souls.​

Where the tenderness of our humanity is welcomed with a warm embrace. ​

And the collective world soul is birthed ever deeper.


We are in Great Mother's birthing canal and her expansions and contractions shall continue for years to come!

Gathering in Ceremony and participating in the Nature Ritual Activation in this council formation, anchors the Divine Feminine into the crystalline structure of the Earth, supports Collective healing and awakening, and births Golden Love into our world. 


Registration ~ 

Participating in this "Ceremony & Nature Ritual Activation" is by sliding scale $11-$44. 

All contributions go to a Scholarship Fund to support women affected by the war in Israel and Palestine heal the Feminine Soul within themselves and their Sacred Land.


The Council of Oracles:

*Ana Otero ~ Spain

*Q'orianka Cornejo ~ Peru

*Aletheia Sophia ~ France

*Akara Sophia ~ Egypt
*Haruko BlueStar Child ~ Japan/USA
*Udumbara Gesu ~ India
*Emmi Mutale ~ Finland/Zambia
*Jelena Devi ~ Switzerland/Bali
*Meike Schuett ~ Australia

*Mare Cromwell ~ United States

*Juliet Gaia Rose ~ South Africa/New Mexico

The Council of Crone Oracle's ~
*Janice Butler ~ Canada
*Mutima Imani ~ United States
*Annee Bury ~ Zimbabwe/UK
*Oceanna Visions ~ United States

Blessing the Ceremony ~
*Lila Sophia Tresemer ~ Minister of the Starhouse Temple

Musicians ~
*Haruko BlueStar Child ~ Closing Native American Flute

All Council members participate in the "Nature Ritual Activation" a week prior to the Solstice to anchor the Divine Feminine into the Crystalline Structure of the Earth. During the "Live Ceremony" on the Solstice the Oracles share voice transmission. The Crone Oracles/Grandmothers hold grounded presence and share wisdom during the ceremony. The Petals are invited by the Oracles and they share written transmission during the ceremony. The Guardians are partners, sons, brothers or dear friends of the Oracles and hold the perimeter of the Council with honor and devotional love for the Women, the Feminine and the Earth. The Greater Community are invited by the Oracles and the Petals, and are all those who register to receive the Gifts of the Ceremony and who participate in the Nature Ritual Activation!

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