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Tending Birth Canal of Earth Soul
In Collaboration with
7 Days of Rest & Sacred Renewal
Birthing Ceremony - January 7th, 2022

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This Point in time in our Evolution Women are the Birthers of the New Way. Women all over the World are hearing the Call to Midwife and Tend the return of Love. The return of Earth Wisdom. Women are anchoring the Divine Feminine into the Being of the Earth through deeply Resting into our Hearts and Wombs. Women are Birthers of forms of Love in the World, our Relationships and our Communities rooted in the Feminine and Earth.


This year marks the fifth year of “7 Days of Rest” and the theme is “Sacred Renewal”.

The 7 Days of Rest Gathering started on January 1st and continues for 7 consecutive days. The Gifts and Offerings of this Gathering shall be available on their webpage throughout this year.

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